How Do You Spend Your Break?

This winter break brings rest for most students at Southeastern. A time to rest, spend time with family and friends in their home town, eat food, open presents and remember that Jesus is the real reason for the season.

Although most students share this traditional way to celebrate Christmas, some decide to spend their break in different ways.

Some student can’t afford to go home and choose to stay here on campus, for $18  per night.  Many professors have been known to have those students over for Christmas dinner, who do not have the opportunity to go home.  Other students must stay on campus due to jobs that won’t allow for time off.

“It’s a little depressing,” complained Junior, Jordan Dean who has to stay in Lakeland for work.  “This is my first holiday away from home, i guess it could be worse, i just wish my boss was a little more understanding.”

Brooke Pagal, Jordan Dean, Kristen Estrada, and Kylie Dunn pose for a picture before going to the Lakeland Christmas parade.

Many who graduate in December, spend their breaks looking for a job in their field of study.

“I’m ready to get a “real” job now that I’m graduating,” said Morgan Johnson, a December graduate.  “Hopefully I’ll get to start the new year with a new job.”

Students with boyfriends or girlfriends often visit each others families over Christmas break.

Katelyn Penniman and James Goglia pose for a picture at Disney World

“Me and James try to switch on and off every year who’s house we go to,” said freshman, Katelyn Penniman of her winter break plans with her boyfriend.

The only downfall that couples mentioned about visting each other, is the cost.  Most couples live in different states and the cost of two flights can be pretty high.

While most students enjoy going home for the holidays, some choose to go on vacation for their break.

Brooke Pagal ready for the cold Weather

“I’m going to Vermont,” explained junior Brooke Pagal.  “My family has a cabin up there and we all go snowboarding and skiing there.  It’s our family tradition.”

Other students choose to vacation in a more tropical spot to get away from the cold that even Florida brings.

Kylie Dunn sitting by a fireplace ready to go on her yearly vacation to the Bahamas.

“My family always go to the Bahamas over break,” said Junior Kylie Dunn.  “Being from Connecticut, we like to get away from the snow, plus i like getting a tan before I come back to school.”

While most students are stuck at school, visiting home, or on vacation, many Southeasterners choose to spend their break giving back.

Southeastern students giving back at "feed the need"

Missions trips are a big thing here and for most breaks there are at least a few groups going to other countries to serve.  This year the baseball team is choosing to go to The Dominican Republic where they will witness to some needy villages and spend time with children at the orphanages.

Baseball players Jason Higdon and Collin Harris

“Our team is actually really excited to be able to go and give back,” said baseball player Jason Higdon.  “It’s gunna be great to make some little kids Christmas’s a little better this year.”

Some other groups on campus will be traveling to Hati, as well as Africa to give back this Christmas.

No matter how students choose to spend their break it is a great time to get away from school work and celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Whether spending their break at home or far from home, students come back rested up and ready to start a whole new semester here at Southeastern.

Kristen Estrada poses with a soldier downtown Lakeland.


The Davis family poses for a "cousins" photo



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