Social Media at it’s finest

Social media is taking over this generation at a fast pace.  Aside from texting, websites such as Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and even wordpress, allow people of all ages to communicate via the internet.

My favorite type of social media is Facebook.   I use facebook at least 10 times a day.  I enjoy catching up with old friends by reading their statuses and looking at their pictures.  Being so far away from home (New York)  it’s also a good way for me to stay in touch with my family back home and to let them know what i’ve been up to through pictures and videos that i post.

right after my fiance proposed:)

Facebook is also a great way to get people involved with events that you may be hosting or let them know about a cause you feel strongly about supporting.  I love the fact that it’s so user friendly.  I’ve even been able to get my grandparents to create a Facebook account although they are very computer illiterate.

I made a Twitter, but have yet to have someone really teach me how to use it.  I understand that it is a great tool for PR professionals though so I’m making it a goal this semester to learn how to use it.

Another social media site that I enjoy is YouTube, You can find great videos on any topic you can think of.  Some will make you laugh, cry, or even help you learn something new.  I’m also a huge fan of Justin Bieber (who was founded on YouTube)  and think it’s great how the entertainment industry is changing to catch up with Social Media.

Those are all my favorite Social media sites although I thinking blogging may be added to my favorite types of social media very soon 😉

ΗeaΤher Rose♥


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One response to “Social Media at it’s finest

  1. emmyjoy

    I feel the same about Twitter! I’ve made status updates occasionally but far from consistently. I mostly update it on facebook and that takes care of my (maybe) once a day status. I haven’t caught onto it yet but I agree that we should! It seems to be vitally important in the coming future to have one in our PR field. We should learn together! 😉

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