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southeastern-university-fpra ,Taylor Flumerfelt

February, 2nd

this is definitely good information for people that are interested in Public relations. The FPRA is a great way to meet PR Professionals and learn about the many different careers there are in the Public Relations field. Also Networking is a great way to land an internship or even a job!

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backbone-of-a-blog, Angela Glaly

February 2nd

I really enjoyed this blog because I am new to blogging and was not really sure the purpose of blog commenting, but i’m am realizing that it is helpful in many regards and mainly it is a way for the bloggers’ readers to give their feedback on how they like the authors writing.  This helps the blogger to realize if there is anything they need to change in their blogs.


even-quicker-tips-from-grammar-girll, Rachel Laflam

February 2nd

So I’m not really commenting on the contex of this blog post because I’m so in awe of the set up, pictures and little things that you use throughout this post to make it interesting and easier to read. I’m new to blogging so I’m really looking forward to learning on how to make my blog look more professional and less amature.


whats-your-state-the-worst-at“, Amber Sakis

February 2nd

I thought this was hilarious. It’s interesting to look at all these states and see things that are true about them that we already stereotype. I’m from New York so I thought it was funny that we earned the “worst commute to work” that is so true! I’m definitely going to share this one with family and friends!


my-social-media-outlets by Amber Sakis

February 2nd

I’ve always wondered how tumbler worked, it seems like a pretty cool site to check out! It’s interesting reading everyone’s favorite social media outlets. I find it so hard to keep up with all the accounts that I have and seems to stay loyal to the ones I’m most comfortable with like facebook. Thanks for sharing your favorites!


tips-to-stand-out-on-twitter by Cindy Cromeans

February 2nd

I really love reading posts about twitter because I’m so unfamiliar with it. I know it’s something I need to invest time in beacuse being in the PR field Networking is crucial and after all isn’t that one of the main uses for twitter? Thanks for the helpful tips and great article!


pr-connection-11 by Gracey Somers

February 2nd

This post made me laugh a little. My fiance and I tend to do the same things. We are saving up money so for dates we like to take walks or watch the sunset. It’s comforting to know that we arn’t the only ones who do these kinds of things. I will say though that someone of the best memories I’ve had are doing the most simple things with the best people:)


Social Media can land you the job, Emily Meade

Feb. 8th

I totally agree. Networking is essential in the PR world or just in the world period for that matter. It’s good to keep being reminded of how important it is though. Thanks for the reminder:)


I wish my nickname was \”grammar girl\”, Kelsey Leu

Feb 8th

I like the idea of spacing before a period for papers that require a minimum length! haha I’ll have to try that sometime(Just kidding for all my professors that may be reading this blog;). Anyways that is really interesting, I’ve never heard of that before reading this blog post. Thanks for the info:)


Grammar sacrificed for the purpose of fashion? I don’t think so!, Taylor Flumerfelt

Feb. 15th

haha that’s all I can say about this. I’m embarrassed that I shop there. I agree with Emily that I think they were just trying to make the wording fit on the T-shirt. Fortunately for them this incident gave them some national publicity!


Why Don\’t You Stay Awhile?, Taylor Flumerfelt

Feb. 21st

This was filled with great info about blogging. I know that I have a lot to improve on with my blogging. I like the way that you incorporate pictures that are relevant to what you are trying to convey through your posts. It makes them a lot more interesting:)


Valentines Day recap, Tiffany Hobby

Feb. 21st

This was really cute. I couldn’t read it fast enough though, I wanted to see if you got a ring! I guess you’re right though a valentine’s day proposal is very cliche. Anyways glad you had a great Valentine’s day, Thanks for the recipe:)


Cell Phones, Your Brain, and the media, by Ryan

Feb. 24th

Really interesting post. I use to love my cell phone, but it’s becoming more of an annoyance then anything. My grandpa always tell me to put in on speaker phone so I don’t get brain cancer, but I’ve never really believed that was possible so thanks for the educated info!:)


10 ways to stop procratinating and get your writing done, by Daphne Gray-Grant

Feb. 24th

These were really great tips! I myself am an extreme procratinator. I think I may actually print these tips out and hang them above my desk. Can’t say enough how helpful they are! Thanks 🙂


Think COMEBACK!, by Emily Meade

Feb 24th

Great post! It’s crazy to see how restaurants are getting so involved with social networking and social media. I work at Beef O’bradys and the owner is having me do PR work for them and as far as events or new products, I use social media and networking the most to get the word out.


Local Public Relations Internships, Taylor Flumerfelt

April 6th

This is definitely some great information for anyone who wants some experience in the Journalism/PR world. I actually have an interview for one of them on Monday so I’m pretty excited, but thanks for sharing the info :)


the-nine-personality-types-differing-personalities-at-workAllie S.

April 11th

I really enjoyed this post, if you couldn’t tell from my post about it :-P . I love anything to do with discovering personalities, so I’m definitely going to check out those books and websites :) Thanks for the info!


Christina Aguilera flubs the National Anthem at Superbowl 2011, Rachel Laflam

April 11th

My jaw literally dropped after she sang the wrong lyrics. I agree with Emily, there’s no excuse, you live in The United States, learn the National Anthem! Anyways thanks for the interesting post:)


They Finally Ketch-Up!, Emily Meade

April 11th

I love this post! I just used on of these yesterday at Chick-fil-A! I think it is such a great invention, so much more convienient especially when you’re on the go! Do you know if any other places use them besides Chick-Fil-A?


Press Releases on the Run, Taylor Flumerfelt

April 11th

Great tips and video! definitely useful for new press release writers and a great refresher for professionals! My favorite is recycling, it’s so true that a lot of times old topics will be relevant to new ones and instead of doing more work, why not use what you already have! good post! :)


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