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I was really excited to search deeper about blog commenting since I am new to blogging. I wanted to learn the purpose of blog commenting and how to write one that will be effective to the author as well as readers.

I came across this video from Chris Pirillo who is an experienced bloggers and he gives a Top 5 to do list created by Casio Angelis.

  1. Read the post! (make sure you know what you are commenting about)
  2. Post relevent information( don’t ramble on about something that has nothing to do with the author’s topic. He also suggested relating the topic to a personal experience)
  3. Word count ( don’t just leave one or two words like “Hi!”, but also don’t write a lot, bloggers don’t have time to read a book, so be short and to the point!)
  4. Spell check (make sure your spelling is write so you can be understood, if no one can understand what you are writing your comments will probably go unnoticed)
  5. Be respectful(Don’t write anything nasty on a post even if you don’t agree.  Like your mother taught you “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”)

Another post by Judy Dunn,10-reasons-no-one-notices-your-blog-comment

talks about reasons that your comments may be going unread.

One point that stood out to me that i didn’t know was, by leaving comments you are creating a way to get more traffic going to your blog.  Blogging seems to be a give and take relationship.

also check out

Importance of Effective Blog Commenting for Social Media Marketing Strategy!

which puts a marketing spin on blog commenting rather then for personal use.

I hope this post gave you some new ideas on how to write an effective comment!

Now go out there and get commenting:)



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2 responses to “Blog Commenting

  1. I really enjoyed Chris Pirillo. He was clear and very amusing, while imparting important information. I love the video clips and I need to incorporate some of them in mine. As for the topic, I find that the fourth tip is one that is chronically overlooked. Hey, all of us have typo’s and we have all been guilty of not using the spell check to catch them. However, it is important to reread what you’ve written and make corrections before posting.
    I enjoy blogging. Mainly, I just like to write, so it’s another outlet for me. However, I’m not too big on commenting. Right now I’m so busy that I don’t have time for a soapbox to climb up on. There have been times in my life for that, but now is not one of them. Still, I enjoy reading blogs and doing research for blogs of my own. It’s always nice when you can get a smile out of the blog, and Chris made me smile. A good use of a video clip!

  2. patrikc

    ‘make sure your spelling is write”.

    haha that’s helariouss

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