Justin Bieber’s movie premiere

Although his movie hits theaters this Friday(2/11), There was a Premiere tonight in LA for “Never Say Never”.  The movie which tells Justin Bieber’s huge fan base about his life is not only expected to make millions, but it’s also in 3D!  Thousands of people showed up to the LA premiere and Justin even tweeted a link that allowed fans to view the LA premiere live.  I’m a HUGE Justin Bieber fan and ended up watching the live stream for over an hour!  It was interesting to see all the fans that came out.  Justin has become a household name and his fans can’t get enough of him.  In one of his interviews he mentioned how crazy it was to get founded by Youtube.  It just goes to show you how influential social media is becoming in our society.

below are some photos I took at one of his concerts in CT!:) Still got Bieber Fever!<3



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2 responses to “Justin Bieber’s movie premiere

  1. Heather, I love how funny you are! You are bold to actually admit your love for Justin Bieber. I do not personally like him and think he is a bit annoying, but you must let me know how the movie is! Maybe I will enjoy him as an actor. I had no idea he was coming out with a movie…

  2. emmyjoy

    That’s so neat you got to see him in concert! I like watching shows or movies about how an ordinary person with great talent makes it big. The road to such a successful career is different for everyone! There are so many individuals that are discovered through social media; those stories are becoming more and more common with each rising star! Colbie Cailat was discovered through MySpace!

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