Copy Cat!

“Imagine you are working in public relations for an organization, and you discover that someone has scraped/copied content from your organization’s blog. What approach would you take to remedy this situation?” 

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Everyone hates being copied.  We were taught at a young age not to be a “copy cat” however in the professional world some people fail to remember that.

If someone was to steal information from a blog that my company had created I would take a few steps to get the matter resolved.

  1. Contacting the individual or company that copied the information would professionally be the best first step to take  (although you may be angry, remain calm).  The individual could either give my buisness credit for the post or delete it all together.
  2. If the individual does not take the proper repercussions to fixing the situation, I would then inform his or her boss about the situation.  (I think some PR professionals would choose to publish the story as a feature to get even, however that is not a professional way to handle it.)
  3. If the boss of the individual or company that stole the information also decides to not do something to fix the situation, I would then be forced to bring the company to court.( From a Christian stand point I feel it is necessary to seek out justice through legal matters once you have taken the proper Biblical steps to resolve the issue.  Your motive for bringing someone to court also should not have to do with gaining money from the situation, but purely from a mindset that seeks justice.)

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