More then meets the eye

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Poynter has much more to offer then just college courses about grammar and things dealing with English.

Starting out in your career it is a great asset to have helpful resources to get you started.

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Besides courses Poynter offers helpful How To’s, The latest news and chats
1. How To’s are just that, helpful questions with professional answers on important questions relevant to your career.
2. The Latest news tab allows you to check out what’s happening not only in the journalism world, but in the media in general
3. The chat tab is similar to the how to tab in that it allows you to ask questions, but in this tab there is a discussion rather than just a general answer, what a great way to dig into the professional PR and journalism world as well as network with other PR professionals.
This site is really a great resource for people in any career.  It’s always good to be knowledgeable in a variety of areas and the chats allow for professionals to get together and brain storm as well as network, which is essential in any career.
I hope this site is just as helpful to you!

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