Clean up


Cleaning Your Copy was the first course that we had to take on News U.

I personally enjoyed it because I always seem to have issues with grammar and things learned in the AP style guide.

Some of the things learned in this course were

  • solving grammatical problems
  • Picking the right word when choosing between tricky pairs such as “that/which,” “that/who” and “who/whom”
  • Using the correct AP style for addresses, ages, money and numbers
  • Identifying and correct common punctuation errors
  • Correctly spelling words that are tough to get right
  • Avoiding typos caused by homonym trip-ups


I was pleasantly surprised with  how much I learned about grammar and the AP style guide during this course.  A lot of the AP style guide does not always reflect what we normally use in our every day writing.  It makes me wonder why they didn’t make it more closely resemble what is most “comfortable”.

After doing this course I was definitely intrigued to dig deeper into my AP style guide. Going into a professional career having professional grammar and style is necessary to land a job.  There is so much to explore about professional writing and the AP style guide has so much information to learn to help you write more professionally.


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