Propaganda at its lowest

An interactive website created by PBS kids called Don’t buy it, get media smart! the site shows kids how commercials and restaurants make their food look so good.  They show different foods and the “ingredients” you need to make them look delicious.


For a perfect hamburger they buy a pack of a hundred buns and pick out the one with the least amount of wrinkles then using glue and tweezers they arrange the sesame seeds perfectly, to make sure the bun doesn’t get soggy they use waterproof spray on the top of the bun.  To keep the burger looking plump they only cook the outside of the meat then paint on brown food coloring. The grill marks are made with a hot skewer, use only the center of a great looking tomato and spray it with glycerin and water to make it look fresh out of the garden.  After reading that I’m not so sure I’d like to eat another restaurant burger.


The website also shows kids how commercials are made to trick people into buying a product by using attractive girl and guys, cute slogans, good music, celebrities and anything else they can come up with to appeal to their audience.  The site also allows kids to see two outfits that look very similar and pick out with one is the designer outfit and which is the bargain brand.  I played the game myself and had a hard time picking out the designer outfit.  It’s amazing how much the media has placed into our heads about getting the most expensive of everything when most of the time the cheaper version is just as nice.

Propaganda is taking over public relations and especially advertising.  Kids as well as adults are becoming so numb to the tricks being thrown at us.  To make sure we only believe the truth it is necessary to look into everything we watch and purchase.


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