Visual Learner

Infographics are are visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics are used where complex information needs to be explained quickly and clearly.  Let’s face it who wouldn’t rather look at a colorful interesting chart or picture then black and white text. Infographics help people portray information in a creative and beneficial way.  I found a blog with some examples of unique and cool infographics

What is an Infographic?

1. It’s a visual explanation that helps you more easily understand, find or do something.
2. It’s visual, and when necessary, integrates words and pictures in a fluid, dynamic way.
3. It stands alone and is completely self-explanatory.
4. It reveals information that was formerly hidden or submerged.
5. It makes possible faster, more consistent understanding.
6. It’s universally understandable.

The easiest way to make a simple infograph is on Microsoft Excel.  You can make pie charts which is what I used, bar, line, scatter, bubble, stock or surface graphs.  It is pretty user friendly, but if you need some extra help visit How to Make a Graph using Excel


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