Put the books down and listen!

For those of us with busy schedules who don’t have the time to make the seminar or read the book, podcasts are a great way to get information in a timely and convenient way.  For those in the PR world there are many podcasts you can listen to to deepen your understanding of PR, increase your excitement about your career, or just learn things about other PR professionals.

The Creative Career is one of the many PR podcasts you can listen to

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“Happiness at Work” is an interview with Jessica Pryce -Jones author of Happiness at Work.  Jessica explains her secrets to staying happy at work by keeping an optemistic attitude, finding ways to do projects with people you work well with, and get rid of anything negative that you have control over.  The interview is beneficial for anyone in the work force not just in the PR world.

I also found a post of the site with some great information about Networking Events, Here is The Creative Career’s


  1. Try attending a few events alone. When people attend networking events with friends or colleagues, they tend to create a comfort bubble and chat among themselves—which, by default, leads to far less networking with others
  2. Know that most people feel a bit awkward when they arrive at an event and do an initial survey of the scene—but remember, they’re all there there to network too. That’s the point. Don’t be afraid to walk up to an individual or group and ask what brings them to the event
  3. The more events you go to—and the more you reach out to strangers—the more people you’ll know next time (and you will see many of the same people again, so it will only get easier!)
  4. If the event itself is not a great environment for meeting others (too noisy, too crowded, not enough time, etc.), make plans for a follow up lunch, coffee or gathering with other friends who you know would have something to add to the conversation. I met some great friends in the city through a simple follow up at a networking event for interns years ago
  5. Volunteering at an event is one of the single greatest ways to break the ice—you have an automatic in with those who are running the event and other volunteers

image credit:blog.ning.com

One of the Podcasts that I really enjoyed was The Nine Personality Types-Differing Personalities at Work

In an Interview with Elizabeth Wagele the co-author of The Career Within You: How to Find the Perfect Job for Your Personality you learn how to figure out what your personality type is and what job fits your personality.

The nine personality types include:

  • – The Perfectionist: motivated to make improvements
  • – The Helper: motivated to meet other people’s needs
  • – The Achiever: motivated to attain a successful image
  • – The Romantic: motivated to express individuality (I’ve decided that I fall into this camp)
  • – The Observer: motivated to acquire knowledge
  • – The Questioner: motivated to reduce risk
  • – The Adventurer: motivated to explore possibilities
  • – The Asserter: motivated to set clear boundaries
  • – The Peace Seeker: motivated to maintain inner calm

This is a great way to figure out what type of job would be best for you, for those who haven’t figured out what they want their career to be.  Aside from figuring out your job, it’s great to know your personality type to understand why you think and act the way you do.  To learn more about personality types check out Elizabeth’s website

Well it’s time to learn, no, don’t go pick up a book, check out a podcast!



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3 responses to “Put the books down and listen!

  1. Glad you enjoyed the podcast! 🙂

  2. This is a really informative post! I love all the tips for attending a networking event. I notice that if I attend an event with a group of friends, I definitely stay in my little comfortable bubble of friends. But when I attend something by myself or maybe with just one other person, I make an effort to talk to a lot more people. Also, the nine personality types are really interesting. I think I would say I’m the “achiever”. Thanks for the link for the site about personality types also. I’m going to check it out ☺ Keep up the good work!

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