Chit, Chat

Starting this class I was not very familiar with Twitter at all so when I heard that we had to do a Twitter chat I was somewhat confused.  It ended up being very user friendly and enjoyable though.  I thought it was really neat to be able to read questions that students and professionals had about PR and also to see the answers from PR professionals.  I decided to do #PRstudchat because it has a lot to do with internships and students getting involved with PR.

I learned a lot through this chat about networking and connections.  I knew that this was a huge part of Public Relations, but when I was involved with the chat I realized the reality of how important it is.  PR professionals were linking students to possible internships and job opportunities, which I thought was really exciting. I also learned a lot of tips about interviewing and how to be a great PR professional.

image credit: aztecimports

I was surprised to see how many students were actually involved with the chat and consistently take part in the chat monthly as it is offered.  I was also surprised at how many professionals take time to participate on the chat.  It’s good to know that there are many people out that that want to help students better themselves and get jobs in this low economy.


image credit:aztecimports

I definitely want to learn more about the opportunities that students and professionals have through Twitter and Twitter chats.  It is without a doubt a great networking and marketing tool.  I want to become more familiar with what I can do on Twitter and how to get more connected with PR professionals.



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