Help A Reporter Out


HARO is an internet service started by Peter Shankman which first started to help journalists find people who had information about certain topics that would make their stories more interesting and newsworthy. Now the site allows for free PR and a chance for journalist, PR professionals, and anyone who’s an expert at anything to get their big break or get the information they need for a story.  HARO sends out three emails a day with needs from reports, and journalists who need information from anyone who knows anything about a certain topic.  This gives HARO users an opportunity to directly email back the journalist or whoever may need the information which is another great form of networking!

Major news services such as The New York Times and CNN use HARO on a daily basis. It is a totally free services on both sides, neither the source(You) or the reporter gets charged.  It’s simply a great and easy way for for reporters and journalists to connect with experts like you.

What a great way to network and get your name out in the PR world as well as help someone out.  You should definitely check HARO out today!


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