Tips for New Bloggers



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1. Only write something you would want to read.

Bloggers don’t want to read something boring,  so make it interesting and memorable.  If it sounds boring to you try getting a bit more creative with your words

2.  Pictures make it pretty.

Going along with the first tip bloggers don’t want to be bored, they want to be entertained.  Add pictures that are relevent to what you’re talking about, if they wanted to read black and white text, they’d read a book.

3.  Keep it linked

Make sure you arn’t just adding web addresses in your posts.  Link them into a words or words in your post.  This makes your blog look more neat and professional.

4. Comments make friends
Comment on other peoples blogs, not only is it proper blog etiquette, but it will bring more traffic to your blog

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If you get people who read your blog on a regular basis, they will check it often and if you don’t keep up with it, they will follow someone else


6.  First Impressions count

Make sure the name of your blog lets bloggers know what yours is about (ie PR, Shopping, Journalism). 

7.  Be a good speller

Make sure you use spell check when writing a new post.  This makes your blog look more professional and keeps it credible.

8. Your opinion counts!

It’s YOUR blog, so it’s okay to include your opinion, in fact it’s needed. There are tons of blogs that people can read, but they are choosing yours because they like your style of writing and your personality which come through in your posts

9. Be inspired

Read other blogs, including professionals, it will help you learn and give you inspiration for your own blog as well



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10. Bloggers just wanna have Fun!

Have fun writing your blog, make it something you look forward to rather then just an assignment!



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4 responses to “Tips for New Bloggers

  1. Great tips! You actually have a lot of the same ideas that I have so we have similar minds 😉 I really enjoyed how you put pictures next to each tip and how you focused specifically on blogging.. I now will be a more creative blogger!

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  3. This is a great post. I love that you mentioned a lot of things that I did not think of when I wrote my ten tips. There are so many little details that contribute to the success of a blog and you hit the nail on the head. I’m sure there will be plenty of future public relations students who will find these tips helpful!

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