College Student Chases her Dreams

Starting a business is hard for anyone, but for a busy college student the challenge seems to be quite a bit more difficult.  Brooke Harris began her business Bubbling Brooke in June of 2010 after realizing that she enjoyed making personalized gifts for her friends; “I knew that it would be affordable, but personal,” said Brooke of her creative gifts.  She also found  that crafting relieves the stress that most college students experience.

Bubbling Brooke Designs creates unique hand-stamped jewelry and hairpieces, while being environmentally friendly and making use of old finds. “I bought a stamping set and from here, it was history,” Brooke began to think of different ways she could use stamps, she made an inspiration bracelet piece and began to get orders simply through word of mouth.  Opening up a web store where customers could view her work at their convenience seemed like the best option for Brooke and that’s exactly what she did.  On her website Brooke sells headbands, necklaces and repurposed home goods.

The next step was to begin getting her business out to the public; she began introducing her products at craft fairs and did very well. After making connections in her hometown, Brooke was able to get a few boutiques to sell her Bubbling Brooke Designs.  Incorporating her passion for the deaf and children she donates a portion of every purchase to The American Society for Deaf Children.  Brooke continues to be successful with her self made business, her dream is to continue to bless others through her crafts and one day have a store front of her own

If you’re like Brooke and have or want to start your own business you aren’t alone, in a recent poll 2 out of 3 people have considered starting their own business.  Here’s some tips from successful entrepreneur Max Durovic who started his own advertising company while he was just a sophomore in college.

  1. Get some experience
  2. Build a winning team
  3. Fight inexperience with advice
  4. Write a bulletproof business plan
  5. Raise money



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